Handout Editors

Original content is one of the major pillars of Different Class.It creates a strong foundation and distinct feel that we strive for throughout the magazine, the website and all our social channels.We put a lot of value in the quality and originality of our content and,by means of a more autonomous approach, aiming to tell a story through every feature.


We wrote handbooks for our photo- and videographers and writers. Please read them well and send them with your assignment every time! Even regular photographers or writers forget to focus sometimes, so it may help to point out what we need every time!

  1. Read the Airtable card well + all info we know (links, contacts, ...)
  2. Check with Herlinde who can be a good writer and photographer for the article (if not filled in) and contact them.
  3. Set up a date (online, in real life) and contact the venue about this.
  4. Brief the artists with the questions (if needed) and send the writer and photographer the handouts again!
  5. Make sure you receive your content on time!
  6. Send the texts to Gabriela/Dlisah for copy editing and the photos to Herlinde to review.
  7. Put the article in draft and send the draft to the partner, subject and Herlinde/KJ to review.
  8. Only publish when this is approved by everyone or make the necessary amendments before publishing.
  9. Send the final publication link to the partner and subject.

The content can be used on all our channels; magazines, socials, website, ... + on the channels of the creator ONLY. If the subject or partner wishes to publish your photos on their channels directly, creators are free to negotiate a good price with for that use. Sharing the content from our channels is encouraged!


We need at least 6 to 8 images to make a nice story. Please let the contributors select up to max 30 images per article.


We also ask our photographers to make a couple of short, unedited (iPhone) videos while the interview happens. This is important social content! So repeat the question every time you send your assignment!


We would appreciate it if the publication on the creator channels happens after we have published them on the website and our socials. :-) You can't repeat this enough!

payment details

€ 125 per shoot / €100 per article

Please fill in the Airtable overview with the mandatory details so Sander can arrange the documents and payments.

You can work with either a voluntary payment or invoice but you have to pick one and use this consistently during the whole year. That means you cannot switch from one to the other during the year, only on 1 Jan the year after.

voluntary payment

We will send a SignRequest form to complete the payment. Astrid is not involved in the payments so Sander is the one to talk to about it! Please note: he is working 1 day/week so bear in mind it can take a couple of weeks before finalising.


If people prefer to make an invoice, use these details on the invoice:

vzw We Promised / Different Class

Dendermondsesteenweg 80A

9000 Gent


VAT: BE 0518.883.880

IBAN: BE64 3630 9483 8152




We don’t cover travel and film or developing expenses.

However, you can develop your film for free at Mori Film in Brussels. 

For photographers in Ghent, there's a drop-off box in Shelter, Hoogpoort 9! 

  1. Put your films in an envelope with your name & tel.nr. on it
  2. Fill in the form by scanning the QR-code on the box
  3. Drop your roles in the box


Clearly state in the notes that these films need to be developed and scanned (no scan borders) for Different Class + drop astrid@differentclass.be an additional note when you are using the MORI service! It takes around 7 working days to get your scans.

You'll need to pick up your scans in the store in Brussels afterwards or pay the costs of sending them back.