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Are you still sending out magazines?

Yes, but only to Devoted members of Different Class. The magazine will still be distributed in more than 500 locations all over Belgium!

Can I buy a tote bag?

Unfortunately not. We produce our tote bags to give to our new devoted annual members as a welcome gift. You can have a look at the other products in our shop soon!

So, Different Class, what is changing?

With the arrival of Different Class, we are launching a brand new website. A new website which makes it easier to reserve your spot at Different Class events. Now, in order to attend a concert, expo, or party, you must make a reservation in advance. This makes it fast and easy for you to get into events for free


Are there any shipping costs when becoming a member?

No. We send our tote bags and bimonthly magazines with Bpost. The shipping costs for these are included in your membership fee.

Can I subscribe to the magazine without being a member?

Unfortunately not. But thanks to a great team of distributors and our distribution partners, our magazine gets distributed all over Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, Bruges, Hasselt, … You can probably pick up a free copy in a local shop near you.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel and manage your membership at any time via the settings tab after logging into the site. You are in charge, you make the actions to stop or change, as your membership is an automatic payment renewal. Read our terms and conditions if you need additional information.

Use a valid email address (preferably no student or work email) so we can keep you in the loop when something needs to be communicated to you. 

Remember, once you cancel your membership, your data (reservations and likes) won’t be saved after your expiry date. 

How can I get my free months of Mubi?

We don’t offer the free months of Mubi anymore, but we offer our members discounts in selected stores. Show your active profile in-store or use a discount code online. You can find all the info in your account online.

How can I pay for my membership?

We currently provide 3 different payment methods: Mastercard/VISA, bancontact or iDEAL.

How can I use my membership without a smartphone?

Yes, you can access your membership profile through your personal account by logging into the site via your mobile device or a desktop. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can show your ID at the entrance. Venues will receive a list from us with the names of our members who made a reservation. Attention: You’ll have to make a reservation for the event on your desktop through our website before you appear on this list! No reservation = no free access!

How come I don’t receive my magazine?

Make sure you have filled in an address in your account. If you did, contact us to report this to us!

How many options to become I member do I have?

Different Class offers 2 membership plans; standard and devoted, both with monthly or annual billing.

How much does my membership cost?
Is my membership strictly personal?

Yes, it is. That’s why it is impossible to change your name or profile pic in your account once you’ve uploaded or filled this in. If you have a good reason to change, you can always contact us.  

Is the membership price changing for current members?

If you’ve become a member before 15.02.2023, you will remain on our previous pricing up until the X of November 2023! You don’t have to do anything, we’ve taken care of transferring your payment information to our new website. You will get an email to complete your new profile together with a detailed explanation about this grace period.

My profile is inactive. What should I do?

Please check if your payment was processed right. If that’s not the problem, contact us via the button below and we’ll take a look at what’s happening as soon as possible!

What’s the minimum duration of my membership?

When you register for monthly billing, the minimum duration to stay onboard is 1 month, for annual billings, you become a member for 1 year.

When does my membership start?

Your membership starts as soon as you have completed the payment and login process and are able to log into your account. It might take a few minutes before you receive the confirmation mail (check your SPAM folder if you haven't received it after 10 minutes). 

Where can I change my bank account number, personal info, password or email?

Change or add everything to the settings in your account. Hit the contact section if you need to change something that is not possible here. 

Why did the prices change compared to before 15.02.2023?

We’ve always worked to provide accessible membership prices for you to get the best events. To remain sustainable, we have adjusted our prices. The change in price reflects not only an increase in printing costs and ticketing demands but an improved quality of our membership services. Our new website offers a more efficient user experience, allowing you to attend your favourite events without obstacles. 


Do I have to make reservations for an event?

From now on, as a member, you absolutely need to make a reservation for an event you want to attend! 

Do I need WIFI at the door of an event or mobile data to use my membership?

No. If you don’t have access to mobile data on your phone and the venue doesn’t provide free WIFI you can show your ID at the entrance. Venues will receive a list from us with the names of our members who made a reservation. An ID which states your name and photo grants you access too. Attention: You’ll have to make a reservation for the event on your desktop through our website before you appear on this list! No reservation = no free access!

How can I submit my work or any other suggestions?

Whether it is a photo, text, a new song, a podcast, an event, a new band we need to check, or an exhibition we need to promote,... - this time you tell us what to feature! Submissions can come from your own hand or can also be a suggestion for us to check the work of someone else. It is your way to promote stuff to fellow members and possible fans! Submit anything you think we need to highlight! Submissions are only possible for members of Different Class and can be done through their accounts online.

How do I get access to events?

Our agenda is updated daily to provide you with an assortment of parties, expos, concerts, and other events. Did a show catch your eye? As a member, you can attend any Different Class events for free in just a few steps: 

  • Log in to your DC account
  • Select the event you would like to attend in the agenda
  • Press the reservation button on the event page. Set! You’ll be on the list for free admission!
  • When you arrive at the venue, you can show your ID or your active profile with a picture of yourself. Your name will be tossed off the reservation list.
How does the waiting list for an event work?

We notify our members on the waiting list as soon as new spots free up so you can make a reservation. In this case it'll be first come, first serve, so don't snooze.

What happens when an event is sold out?

98% of our shows don't sell out. However, certain events do sell out more quickly than expected. In these cases, the policy is first come, first served, and members do not receive priority.

What happens when the reservation list is closed?

You can make a reservation until the reservation option is closed. After that, you have the option to subscribe to the waiting list for this event. Keep an eye on your mailbox closer to the event, we will inform the people on the waiting list when spots are available again as some people don’t go after all and free up their spots last minute.

What is the difference between favouriting an event and making a reservation?

You can favourite the events in our agenda so we can send you suggestions and info about that specific event, but that doesn’t automatically mean you have access! To reserve your spot, you need to make a reservation by clicking the reservation button.

Why is it important to cancel your reservation if you are not planning to go to the event?

Don't forget to cancel your reservation if you can't make it in the end, you could be freeing up a spot for another member! Maybe next time you'd be the lucky one to get a last-minute spot. We will send you a reminder 1 day before the event.

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