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Different Class is an affordable membership that offers access to the coolest parties, concerts, performances, exhibitions and films in Belgium for less than € 10 a month!

Reserve your free spot for over 250 events a year

Receive our bi-monthly magazine at home

Enjoy additional discounts in shops

Get involved in a real community

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over 250 events a year

Reserve your free spot for concerts, parties, performances, films and exhibitions at more than 50 venues in Belgium

carefully curated

New events and fresh content selected and prepared for you every day

bi-monthly magazine

Get to know some of the most exciting talents through our publications

a dedicated community

Fuel yourself with like-minded people and allow us to invest back into boundary-pushing artists

discounts & more

Receive discounts in our online shop and other great stores in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp


Our membership plans

The dedicated package for 1 month
Access to all events
Discounts in our shop and in other stores
Our magazine every 2 months
The basics for 1 year
total of 95,4 billed once a year
Access to all events
Discounts in our shop and in other stores
The full experience for 1 year
total of 107,4 billed once a year
Access to all events
Discounts in our shop and in other stores
Our magazine every 2 months
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A network strong in its diversity

We create contacts and produce to engage, stand out, and foster creativity

Distribution partners
You'll find our magazines at Think2, Paard Van Troje, Shelter, La Fille d'O, Consouling, Mood Recyclestore, Art Paper Editions, Warrecords, Riot Vintage, Panoply, Bison 4, Veals & Geeks, Crevette Records, Tipi Bookshop & Bilbo

Printing partner
Our magazines are printed CO2-neutral by Zwartopwit

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Mori Film Lab

Get to know our community

Read about our audience's experiences

I witnessed firsthand DC's dedication to their community and the Belgian art scene. I learned so much from both the team and everyone I had the opportunity to interview.

Jesse Brazle

I gained more confidence as a designer, I experienced a lot of appreciation for my work, and I felt like a real part of the team, not 'just' an intern, for which I am grateful. I l❤️ve DC!

Emma Caers

During my internship, I got the freedom to experiment and grow as a graphic designer. I learned about the cultural landscape and had a lovely experience with the team!

Kobe Meeussen

I am grateful to have worked so closely with Different Class. The team is truly inspiring & made me feel seen and heard as an intern. The truest example of a community.

Britt Claes

I felt encouraged to bring diversity and new impressions to the team, something I am passionate about. I have also learned so much from the artists I have interviewed.

Lobna Morsi

I wanna give credit to the entire Different Class team for taking me on as an intern and appreciating my work <3.

Jeremy Tawedian

A blast to work for! The team is very welcoming and invites you to join their ambitious vision of an even stronger cultural landscape.

Florian Meersman

In our collaboration, we strengthen each other in the search for new and contemporary perspectives with a focus on creators and audiences of today and tomorrow. (De Singel)

Katrijn De Wit

In the eternal quest for new, exciting music, DC seems to look where no one is paying attention. A much-needed platform to young artists who dare to experiment. (Democrazy)

Bert Bossaert

DC has always been my source for discovering young artists who bring alternative culture in Belgium and one of the first media to give us visibility. (C12)

Tom Brus

In our cooperation, proposals are made to measure. The content they create is valuable and of quality, with fresh insights and an original approach. (M Leuven)

Samantha Fadahunsi

DC allows us to make great encounters by having access to varied cultural events, which enrich us in art and music.

Lauren Lizinde

I was able to have access to different visions, a world of experimental artistic exchanges, between members but also between artists.

Jennifer Izere

Different Class always had my back. They gave me so many opportunities to perform and express myself.

David Numwami

Some would say Netflix & chill, I would recommend DC & discover

Sacha Vernaeve

The first ones to believe in my work! More than just a medium, it is a community dedicated to enriching the cultural scene, linking emerging artists with institutions & the public.

Miguel Soll

It’s even more than the (awesome) magazine and (vital) event agenda. different class is a community - a family (with great taste)

Dlisah Lapidus

During my internship, I witnessed how much effort they put into connecting people who genuinely love arts and music.

Somto Offor

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