What is Different Class?

Different Class is a platform that makes exploring culture in Belgium easy. Our core? Connecting you to upcoming artists, events, promotors or venues.

Good art, music and parties should be accessible to all. That’s what we work towards; for less than € 10 per month, our membership can provide you with free spots at ticketed events.

We choose to focus on young, diverse, local artists, serving as a stepping stone for many collectives, organisations, and talents.

Different Class is operated by Vzw We Promised.

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Our brand

Different Class is for anyone who loves art. For the ones who listen to difficult music. Those who thrive off audacity and oddity. Who aren’t scared to discover something new. Curiosity and open-mindedness are what tie this community together. This spirit is what keeps us motivated to discover new talents and to give them the platform they deserve.
We love to see others just as excited as us about up-and-coming artists! Thanks to our publications and membership program, we hope to spread the word about local musicians and artists.
Different Class works with the interest of their community at heart. Our work’s purpose is to foster a solid network for independent artists, those who love them, and those who want to support them. We do this by facilitating partnerships and collaborations, and by promoting artists.
Different Class is always open to innovation and change. We work collaboratively with our members and partners in order to ensure that our network functions in the best interests of everyone. Everyone’s perspectives matter!

Voice and look

Different Class isn’t for the pretentious. It’s for those who find genuine joy in art and music of all different types. Whether we’re promoting some light indie pop tunes or harsh noise music, we like to keep things light and approachable.
Our brand voice and aesthetic (designed by Nice Arts) are a reflection of our spirit: bold, fun, and colourful.


Different Class is for all of our members, artists, and partners. Community is therefore our most important value. We are here to create meaningful, long-term relationships.

no bullshit
A community is built on trust. And to build trust, transparency is key. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t stick to our commitment towards openness and efficient communication.


We are always open to questions and suggestions. We love to talk to our members, partners, and artists to make sure that Different Class works for everybody.


At Different Class, we want to see artists of all shapes and sizes: musicians, dancers, video artists, photographers, you name it. Our network is composed of people with diverse expertise, craft, interests, and experiences. This is what makes our community so strong.


We like the pretty, but we love the messy. At Different Class, we want to put a spotlight on those who dare to do things differently. We want to see artists push the envelope forward, to try something new. Experimentation is what makes us so excited about art.

text by Jeremy Tawedian

Picture of founder Kasper-Jan
Kasper-Jan Raeman
founder Different Class
Picture of founder Herlinde
Herlinde Raeman
founder Different Class

The perks of being a Different
Class member

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