Partner guidelines editorials

You are partnering up with Different Class on an upcoming editorial piece. Here's how we work on our content. 🫶

  • The content created by the photographers, videographers and writers of Different Class is to be used through the Different Class channels only (social media, magazine, website, newsletter, etc.). 
  • However, we encourage our partners to accept the collaboration post on the social posts or share the content from Different Class's original social posts.
  • Suppose a partner wants to use the content directly on their channels, we need to set up an additional financial agreement for this use. Please get in touch with us in this case.

We work exclusively with our formats.

  • New Master: In this series, we invite an emerging artist from our community to visit or attend an exhibition or performance of one of our partners. In this case, we link the young artist with the work to be seen and highlight their point of view. The introduction and the first questions talk about the artist and their work, while the bigger part of this interview, handles the exhibition or performance. In this format, we want to make museums more accessible and encourage our members to visit (since the event is featured on our agenda). Example: Aesthetic and therapeutic
  • Encounters: In our Encounters series, we host a conversation between two more established artists from our community who share an overlap in their work. One of the artists can be suggested by our partner. Rather than a double interview, Encounters leans more into a conversation format, so the focus is the interaction/‘encounter’ between the two artists with a focus on the linked event by our partner. Example: Finding where we belong
  • Featured artist: This is an interview with an emerging artist about a specific event of our partner to which the artist is associated or about a connection to our partner. Example: The coming-of-age of Jennifur

These 3 formats can be executed as:

a video of 65-90 sec. to be posted on the DC channels as an Instagram reel, story or on TikTok


a written interview accompanied by a photoshoot, to be posted on the DC website, Instagram feed and Instagram stories.

  • Overview article: This is a selection of artists/events of your event/programme made by the team of Different Class. We pick exactly 5 items and write a small text of 5 lines for each. The written text will be combined with existing images or videos we select from the net or take from the press package. The overview articles are only posted on the website of Different Class.
  • We choose to focus on the interests of our core audience; young (18-30 years), diverse, local artists, members and Different Class followers. Like this DC is serving as a stepping stone or a platform for many collectives, organisations, and talents. This spirit is what keeps us motivated.
  • Different Class works with the interest of their community at heart. Our work’s purpose is to foster a solid network for independent artists, those who love them, and those who want to support them.
  • Different Class is always open to innovation and change. We work collaboratively to ensure that our network functions in the best interests of everyone. 
  • Different Class isn’t for the pretentious. It’s for those who find genuine joy in art and music of all different types. We like to keep things light and approachable.
  • At Different Class, we want to see artists of all shapes and sizes: musicians, dancers, video artists, photographers, you name it. Our network is composed of people with diverse expertise, craft, interests, and experiences. This is what makes our community so strong.
  • We like the pretty, but we love the messy. At Different Class, we want to put a spotlight on those who dare to do things differently. We want to see artists push the envelope forward, to try something new. Experimentation is what makes us so excited about art.

Read more about our brand, values, voice and look on the website.

  • After you've agreed and signed the partnership, we'll discuss how we will handle the editorial with the DC team.
  • We will come back with a suggestion on the artist(s) we would like to work with.
  • Once we agree on this, you'll be contacted by our editor to make an appointment with the parties involved (if needed).
  • After the shoot and interview, we'll share the content and prepare a pre-publication to be checked by the partner and the artist. 
  • We work with only 1 feedback moment by the partner/artist
  • After we've processed the feedback, the final publication date will be shared with you, together with the links to reshare the editorial.