Handout Photographers

Photography is a major pillar of Different Class!

It creates a strong foundation and distinct feel that we strive for throughout the magazine, the website and all our social channels.

We put a lot of value in the quality and originality of the images and, by means of a more autonomous approach, aim to tell a story through every series.

Below you can find an overview of all upcoming articles, videos and shoots for Different Class. Do you see an assignment you like? Please check the due date (= deadline) before you contact Astrid! Does it fit in your schedule? Great, you can reach her at astrid@differentclass.be! We like to work ahead so don't wait too long before deciding ;-) <3



Make sure we have photos of the subjects in both compositions (landscape and portrait)


We only use portrait compositions on social media, so we prefer this for Event photography.

All files should be

  • in the same size(!!!), otherwise, we need to cut in the images if we want to combine them on the website :(
  • 300 dpi for magazine (CMYK)
  • 72 dpi for online use (RGB)
  • jpg


While the artist is, of course, the main focus of the shoot, make sure to make an autonomous series by including still-life shots too. So try to go beyond strictly portraits and include other things like environment, clothes, location,... in your shoot or video.

Action and more natural-looking shots of your subject often work better. Please stay away from posed or typical ‘band photography'.


The crowd is more important than the artists on stage. We like to use photos that zoom in on details of the public, clothes, moves, ... The main purpose here is to show the fun of attending events.

Check the photos of Jente Waerzeggers on our Instagram page and you'll get the picture ;-).

Something to keep in mind: when you're shooting in a dark environment, it might be better to take some photos in daylight too (in front of the museum or the neighbourhood for example).

  • short, unedited (iPhone) videos while the interview happens or scenes apart from the shoot. This can be anything and doesn't need much of preparation or editing!
  • 1 'station call' for Different Class with the subject saying: 'Hi, I'm ...(name) I'm playing a show/I have an exhibition on ... (date) at ...(place) and it's free for Different Class members! Come join us! 
  • In case of a new master interview/shoot 1 'station call' for Different Class with the subject saying: 'Hi, I'm ...(name) and I just walked through ... (name exhibition). Go discover it yourself from ... (date) at ...(place) because it's free for Different Class members!

Our online team can use them to make the feature more interesting and alive on social media.



We can use as many photos as you like to send, but we'll need at least 6 to 8 to make a nice story, but no more than 30!


As we regularly use these photos in different editorials or campaigns you can send us much more than for the editorials. Most of the time, we receive 20 to 40 photos.


By sending your files and accepting our payments you grant us permission to use your images and video on all channels (online and offline); magazines, socials, website, ... + on your own channels ONLY.

If the partner wishes to publish your photos on their channels, we negotiate with them and you'll get an additional fee. If the subjects wants to use the image, you are free to make an additional deal.


We would appreciate it if the publication on your channels happens after we have published them on the website and our socials. Even better is to simply accept the collaboration in our Instagram post so it appears simultaneously on all channels!

payment details

We only work with student contracts (through Projectpro Services) or invoices from 01.07.2024 onwards.

€ 125 per shoot for students

€ 150 per shoot for freelancers (excl. VAT)

the payment for event photography depends on the event and the budget

invoice details

Different Class BV

Dendermondsesteenweg 80A

9000 Gent


VAT: BE 1010.981.213

For questions you can contact Sander at invoices@differentclass.be


We don’t cover travel and film or developing expenses.

However, you can develop your film for free at Mori Film in Brussels. 

For photographers in Ghent, there's a drop-off box in Shelter, Hoogpoort 9! 

  1. Put your films in an envelope with your name & tel. nr. on it + a very clear message that it is for Different Class use :-)
  2. Fill in the form by scanning the QR code on the box
  3. Drop your roles in the box


Clearly state in the notes that these films need to be developed and scanned (no scan borders) for Different Class + drop astrid@differentclass.be an additional note when you are using the MORI service! It takes around 7 working days to get your scans.

You'll need to pick up your scans in the store in Brussels afterwards or pay the costs of sending them back.

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