The potentiality for self-discovery

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From a bare stage to a dichotomous and fantastical landscape of science fiction, the potentiality for self-discovery is endless. Catch the second half of Scènes nouvelles at Theatre National Wallonie-Brussels on 11.11.2023 and 12.11.2023. Oh and if you still have space for some dessert, enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Kali Kalité (free entrance) in the evening of 11.11.2023!

Mode majeur de la fugue

11 & 12.11.2023 - Jennifer Cousin

Mode majeur de la fugue, an innovative soundscape, is the first creation of Jennifer Cousin. Blending theatre with sound installation, the notion of labour and art intertwines in this sound documentary, delivering a spectacle unlike any other. We’re introduced to Martine - a farmer for almost half a century - her character is not one that knows leisure or rest. Stuck on a seemingly endless loop, one day her routine is brought to a halt at the wheel of her tractor. Witness an intimate journey of liberation unfold through harmonious acoustic experiences and philosophical musings.

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Le Site

11 & 12.11.2023 - Nicolas Mouzet Tagawa

Plastic installations and theatrical performances form the setting for the dichotomous universe of Le Site. Both static and everchanging, fiction seeps through the cracks of the walls in this fabricated world. Playing with the boundaries of what is interior versus exterior, representations collapse inward on themselves, allowing for the laws of reason to be questioned. An existential labyrinth arises from the rubble, where perceptions aren’t to be taken as truths and sensitivities are explored through intricate dialogue with both bodies and space.  

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The Mirror Stand

11 & 12.11.2023 - Stanley Ollivier

What is it to carve out a unique existence in a normatively dominated society? French dancer, performer and choreographer, Stanley Ollivier, brings to the stage an invigorating solo dance performance that investigates the creation of identity. The Mirror Stand creates a new and embodied language constructed from politically different states of being, allowing the audience a peek into the recesses of his imagination. By traversing through his own personal complexes, Ollivier delivers a universal challenge of the performativity of the everyday.

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Dominique toute seule

11 & 12.11.2023 - Cie au détour du Cairn

On a bare stage, behold the unfolding of the tale of Dominique. At first glance a seemingly morose story of solitude, Dominique toute seule is brimming with the potentiality for self-discovery. Embarking on this expedition to the heart of herself, Dominique travels through the forest conversing with the elements alongside her guardian angel. As the evenings come and go, both great fears and wondrous joys are experienced. Accompany Dominique somewhere between laughter and song as she discovers the melody that brings her back in tune with the polyphony of life. Dominique toute seule is being performed at the Théâtre de la Montagne magique.

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<div class="editorial-banner"> <div class=“editorial-credits”> @tn_wallonie_bruxelles <br/> Cover: La Passerelle by Gloria Scorier. Mode majeur de la fugue by Jennifer Cousin. Le Site by Serge Gutwirth. <br/> Become a member and go to Scenes nouvelles for free. Make a reservation for day 3 on 11.11.2023 or day on 4 12.11.2023  <br/> </div></div>

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