How to welcome Different Class members

Follow the three steps to check the list of Different Class members who made a reservation for your event. 

You can check the list on your laptop, tablet or mobile. 


We've sent an automatic email from with the link to create your account on our website. Please check your inbox (or spamfolder!) and follow the instructions. Fill in your email and set up a password. Registered? Great!

Important: The account and access to reservations is linked to 1 e-mail address! Make sure all your colleagues have access to this email.

After you have made an account you can login into our website and go to your account by clicking the account button (the eyes) on the right or this direct link to the dashboard:


Events: Here you see an overview of all your events that are free for Different Class members.

Settings: Here you can change your name, password and email. 


At every time you can click on the attendees button to see which Different Class members made a reservation for your event. This is the official reservations list you use to check if someone is a Different Class member or not. 

Different Class members can make a reservation up until they're at the front door. Use the refresh button if you can't find the name in the first place. :-)

- You can use the search engine to find people.

- When a Different Class member shows their active profile or ID you can click the attended button. This gives an insight into how many people actually went to your event. 

- Status should always be active as non-active members can’t make reservations. 


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