Handout Videographer

Photography is one of the major pillars of different class.

It creates a strong foundation and distinct feel that we strive for throughout the magazine,

the website and all our social channels.

We put a lot of value in the quality and originality of the photographs and, by means of a more autonomous approach, aim to tell a story through every series.


Make sure we have photos of the subjects in both compositions. The cover for online articles is landscape, the cover of our magazine is portrait.

All files should have the same size and in jpeg format.

  • 300 dpi for magazine (CMYK)
  • 72 dpi for online use (RGB)


While the artist is, of course, the main focus of the shoot, make sure to make an autonomous series by including still-life shots too.

Action and more natural-looking shots of your subject often work better. Please stay away from posed or typical ‘band photography'.

Something to keep in mind: when you're shooting in a dark environment, it might be better to take some photos in daylight too (in front of the museum or in the neighbourhood for example).


By sending your files and accepting our payments you grant us permission to use your images and video on all channels; magazines, socials, website, ... + on your own channels ONLY.

If the subject or partner wishes to publish your photos on their channels, you're free to negotiate a good price with them for that use.


We can use as many photos as you like to send, but we'll need at least 6 to 8 to make a nice story.


We also ask our photographers to make a couple of short, unedited (iPhone) videos while the interview happens.

Our online team can use them to make the feature more interesting and alive on social media.


We would appreciate it if the publication on your own channels happens after we have published them on the website and our socials. :-)

payment details

€ 125 per shoot

voluntary payment

Evy will send you a SignRequest form to complete your payment in the weeks after your shoot. Astrid is not involved in the payments so Evy is the one to talk to about it! Please note: Evy is working 1 day/week so bear in mind it can take a couple of weeks before finalising.


If you prefer to make an invoice, us these details on your invoice:

vzw We Promised / different class

Spinmolenplein 264

9000 Gent


VAT: BE 0518.883.880

IBAN: BE64 3630 9483 8152




We don’t cover travel and film or developing expenses.

However, you can develop your film for free

- in Ghent: Fotoshop

- in Brussels: Mori Film

Please note: If you wish to work with the shops mentioned above, Send an email to astrid@differentclass.be every time.