Handout Distribution

Our magazine is one of the major pillars of the identity of Different Class. The distribution of our baby is very important for us.

Do you encounter troubles or any other things you want to tell us about? Reach out to herlinde@differentclass.be!

the job

As a distributor, you pick up a box of 150 copiesevery 2 months at Beursschouwburg (Brussels) or our office (Ghent) or you receive a box at home when living in Antwerp or any other city we cater. You distribute this over the places in your route. 

basic rules

Once you receive our message, you pick up your box and distribute them as soon as possible. There's a new magazine coming in every 2 months so every day counts ;-)! You send a confirmation once you're work is done so Herlinde knows who to chase! 😊


In return, we'll give you a free membership! Please set up your new account on the site if you didn't do so! We've sent you an email, you just have to follow the steps. 💓

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