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Brand new indoor festival with cool newcomers abrahamblue, Meltheads, Ada Oda, Mahina, Nona Problemo, Dishwasher, Lou K, Salome and Ysmé! 


abrahamblue from Antwerp was inspired in his youth by a wide spectrum of genres. From classical Arab singers such as Fairuz or Abdel Halim Hafez to Michael Jackson to Beethoven and Bach, until he discovered jazz. abrahamblue combines jazz with nineties hip hop, soul and gospel into its own eclectic style. His search for a unique melodic groove earned him the Most Promising Artist Of The Year award at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. His first EP, ' Tracks I Made Last Summer ', was picked up by BBC Radio 1 and Studio Brussel. His most recent throw ' Prove It ' is again a bull's eye. 


Four-piece Antwerp band that guarantees a combo of garage rock and surf punk, served with an egg and a beer. Easy as that.

Ada Oda

Ada Oda is a newcomer to the Brussels scene who combines confident post-punk of the eighties with melodic Italian accents . The band, which was founded in 2020 during the first lockdown by César Laloux (The Tellers, BRNS, Italian Boyfriend), is soon joined by Victoria Barracato, who stands out for her clear voice and her Sicilian origin. By deliberately working with simple song structures, César brings his love songs with a striking lightness. On stage and in the studio, the duo is surrounded by Marc Pirard on bass (Italian Boyfriend), Alex De Bueger (Alaska Gold Rush, Gros Coeur) and Aurélien Gainetdinoff (San Malo, Yolande Bashing) on ​​guitar. Their first LP, 'Un amore debole', will be released by 62 TV at the end of 2022.


Some people are born with an excess of talent. The Belgian artist of Congolese descent can switch in an instant from an Aaliyah or Alicia Keys-esque R&B voice to dancehall sounds and rhythms. After releasing ' Voix Cassée ', her first single sung in French, and staying in the studio with the Nyege Nyeye clique, she is now preparing the release of her first EP 'RMC (Reclaiming My Crown)'.

Nona Problemo

Nona Problemo stands for delicious rattle pop with nicely dosed guitars, a repetitive krautrock drum and rolling bass lines that work on the hips. 


Dishwasher_ is the Ghent jazz band of Arno Grootaers (Pavlove), Werend Van Den Bossche (Suura) and Louise van den Heuvel (Supernova). Together the trio wants to tear down the walls between genres and treat music lovers to an ingenious sound that they themselves label as krautjazz.


On ' Something But Plausible ', a first EP released through High Heal, Salome welcomes us into a universe of emotional pop and cutting-edge electro. Her heartfelt songs are as much reminiscent of Kate Nash or Lily Allen as Oklou or Lauren Auder. His last go-to producer Dviance was behind the buttons at Salome together with rogergoon.


Ysmé is a Brussels rap star and singer who is a rising star in the Belgian scene thanks to her witty lyrics and colorful world. At the end of December 2021, she made an impression during the Brussels edition of Sound Track, one of the largest music competitions for emerging talent in Belgium, and was eventually also chosen as one of the laureates. Ysmé feels like a fish in water on stage, no wonder she is also a theater maker and actress.

Lou K 

Lou K is the new project of the multidisciplinary artist Lucie Lefauconnier with which she releases light and melancholic rock songs. On stage, she is assisted by Alice Vande Voorde (La Chiva Gantiva, Kùzylarsen), Leslie Gutierrez (Pega) and Thècle Joussaud (Lylac, Jonathan Bénisty). 

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