The Red Flames team is not diverse, and I want to change that

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What do you see when you envision the future of the Belgian creative scene? For us, we see diverse, unique perspectives, representative of the world around us. That is exactly why we have been working on our 20-something issues since 2014. These editions feature 20 people in their (pre-)twenties who are a guide, an inspiration or an Earlybird for the young generation of today in Belgium. It is the greatest honour to step into the minds of some of the most innovative young people in Belgium; and learn about their dreams, fears, inspirations and even their celebrity crushes. This year’s list was co-curated with Kevin Kotahunyi, founder of Please Add Color.

Cikuru Mahanzi  

18, upcoming ballr and organiser of football tournaments

What do we and our readers need to know about you?

That I am a person with a lot of ambitions, don't point me down on one project but on several. I am someone with a lot of goals and a strong belief in success. I am also looking for hidden talents, especially coloured girls, all over Belgium. The Red Flames team is not diverse, and I want to change that!

I am someone with a lot of goals and a strong belief in success



What are your hopes in providing a space for young people to compete in football?

That more people are going to invest in girls' football. It is something that needs to be paid attention to. There are a lot of girls with talent who have just lost hope by looking at the Belgian women's team and the lack of diversity. 

I have a friend, 16 years old and at a top sports school in Leuven for 2 years to get into the national team. She told me that when the Red Devils came to their training, Lukaku took her aside and said that because she is a black girl - even though she has talent, even though she is the best - she will always have to give twice as much of herself. Lukaku also told her not to lose hope. The coaches, on the other hand, have given her false hope, telling her repeatedly that if she continues like this, she will be in the selection for the next match. Now she has given up and is thinking of changing directions, not because she doesn't like football but because she has lost hope.

What is it like to be a woman coordinating a male-dominated sport?

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do this, to have the talent and to have no shame for the comments and all those other negative things. I am so sure that I will make this project work. The first tournament went well and I believe the tournaments that are still to come will go even better.


What artists are you listening to?

Ninho, Stromae, TRIBL music (gospel), Freddie Konings, Vitaa, Sexion d'Assaut, Emma Bale, SCH, Tayc, Ed Sheeran.

Which film have you enjoyed lately?

Truth or Dare

What makes your heart go faster these days? 

When I think about my future.

What are you doing daily at 9 pm/9 am?

I wake up, if I have school I go to school and if I have no school I just sleep till 11 am. Then I play some football or do something with my sisters or mother. In the evening I start looking at documentaries about stars, especially of ballrs and rappers who came from nothing.



What brings you satisfaction?

When I think about everything that my mother did for me.

How do you relax?

By spending time with my family.

What's one of your sources of inspiration that may surprise people? 

The Bible

What would you like to be doing in 10 years' time? 

Still something with football and my sisters.

What future project will you work on?

Starting a brand, our own clothing line, with my triplet sisters.

What will the second part of 2022 bring you?

I will continue my career as a ballr and try to get offers for collabs with football tournaments. And my sisters and I will start our project.



Who is the person that most influenced you throughout your development?

My sisters, CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo)

What is the most important thing you've learned lately?

Belief is something that can bring you far. If you say you want to do this, you want to become this, but you doubt that it can bring you far, it won’t. But, if you have the confidence that it will bring you far, that your project is going to work, then you are one step further.

Belief is something that can bring you far

Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention? 

Yes, my girlfriends who also play football and are talented, my sisters who I want to start a project with and upcoming ballrs who don't get the chances that they deserve.

Comfort food/speciality dish?


Celebrity crush

Noa Lang



Most irrational fear?

To not go to heaven, that on the day I die, Jesus says I disappointed him.

What were you like as a child?

A tomboy, always with boys.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 

Reading other people's minds, to know what they really think.

What is the one thing you can't live without?


Biggest red flag?

If you're not honest with me and do not say what you think.

Biggest dream?

To become a professional footballer, organise more tournaments in other countries like France and the Netherlands and do something with my sisters.


Youtube: Cikuru Mahanzi  

Photos shot by @mistral.guidotti  


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