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This yearbook brings together twenty creatives and community organisers from all walks of life: musicians, visual artists, dancers, art collectives, and everything in between. From personal to political, their contributions reflect diverse forms of community-building through care. How do they inspire each other? Who do they care for? How do they care? 💘

  • Name: King Kovaci
  • Singer-songwriter / Producer / DJ
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Age: 29
  • Location Brussels
  • Instagram: @kingkovaci and @propaganda.bxl

What do you care most about, and how is it relevant to your art/practice? It could be a social issue, your community, yourself, or anything!

I care most about the queer immigrant/diaspora community. In my music and my DJ sets, I make sure to include references or songs that will light a spark in my fellow diaspora children’s eyes.

Three words that come to mind when you hear the term ‘care’?

I think of self-care, family, and chosen families.

What inspires you to care more for others, or to use your art/practice as a platform to do so?

For me it’s the representation and how people’s faces light up as soon as they realise we are connected, be it through religious background, geographical background, food, or most importantly, music. When I play a super Balkan or Arab track in a DJ set and I see some people lose their minds in the crowd, that’s worth all the gold in the world.

<img class="editorial-image" src="https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/61eebcc683107b99137f4423/64c265bf541f70c5a267ca27_DifferentClassKing%20Kovaci%20picture%20as%20a%20bunny%20%20Alix%20Joiret%20(typic.alix%20Propaganda%20propaganda.bxl.webp"/>

How do you hope to inspire others?

I hope I can inspire others by simply being myself in a world that’s becoming frighteningly individualistic and leaning towards far-right ideologies. I’m Albanian, Muslim, and queer. Deal with it.

What type of change do you want to inspire in your community/environment?

With Propaganda, the show that I organize with Belligerency (@belligerency) and Krasna (@itskrasna), we want to show a better representation of South-Eastern communities, where discrimination has been normalized both by Western white European people for our ethnic background, and by our people for our queerness.

How much influence do you think (y)our backgrounds have on (y)our art and practices?

It’s an ocean of references, honestly. In my music, it’s subtle easter eggs that are only for my community to understand. In my DJ sets, it’s plain and simple: I unapologetically play tracks that are known and recognized by my fellow diaspora/immigrant peeps.

I’m Albanian, Muslim, and queer. Deal with it.

What are some challenges that you face while doing what you are passionate about?

Self-doubt, of course. And the online hate. I would say to just ignore it, but it’s easier said than done, especially when you’re caught in fire between racists/nationalists, and homophobia.

How do you define ‘community’?

For me it’s a like-minded group of people that share similar experiences, where the friendship can go deeper because there is a mutual understanding of peculiar experiences, so there’s no need to talk about those, we can simply exist together.

<img class="editorial-image" src="https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/61eebcc683107b99137f4423/64c2655f95baeb2d3c672a27_DifferentClasswork.webp"/>

What is a ‘safe space’ for you?

I struggle to find an actual safe space that isn’t my own home, to be honest, but I would say generally it’s a space with the least cishet people possible, and where there is DIVERSITY in colour, gender identity, orientation, and background.

Is receiving care a privilege, a right?

100%. Be it government-issued care (medical, mental, housing, etc) or social. It’s a human right.

Do you think this generation is redefining care and community building? And how?

I put all my faith in Gen Z, I think they are redefining what it means to stand up for themselves and are being true to their spirit. Sometimes, I see cases of micro-labelling, where Western, privileged, white people seem to think their micro-identity exempts them from their privilege, but that’s a whole other conversation.

What small acts of care do you hope to see more of?

I just want to see more LISTENING and less ARGUING. The best way to help and care for a person is first and foremost to shut the fuck up and listen.

How do you balance taking care of others and taking care of yourself? Do you make that distinction in the first place?

I think in the times I was the hardest on myself or the most depressed, caring for others was making me feel better by proxy. I don’t make that distinction, because the good you give is the good you receive.

Do you care about being cared about?

It is very important to me, as soon as I feel used or not respected, I put my foot down and talk about it. I always treat everyone with respect and human decency, and I expect the same for me. This is also why Propaganda was born: we need to feel seen and listened to! And that’s basic care.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as an imperfect person who tried their best. And I wanna make my mama proud.

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