I dedicated myself to making music from 2 pm till 10 pm like a fulltime job

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The June issue usually gives way to a new 20-something list, featuring models, musicians, actors, illustrators, fashion designers, photographers, artists, architects,... and so much more. The people who are a representation of young society in Belgium, a generation ready to rule our world. In 2020, hence the double number, we’re serving you, hungry hearts, 2 editions of our acclaimed list. That’s right, we’re doubling the number of features, starting a bit earlier. Let us introduce you to the faces you didn't realise you wanted to meet!

cellvl / Cell Van Lommel  

Musician, Peer  

Photos shot by Ramon Klomp

What do we & our readers need to remember about you?

My music would be a great place to start.

What is the (near) future bringing you?

I’ve got a few cool collaborations, songs and a mix file coming up, almost ready to drop.

What are you up to these days?

Sitting at home, interning at N.E.W.S Distribution and working on lots of sound design & music on the side.

What artists are you listening to?

Currently listening most to everything touched by Isak Hansen (The Empire Line / Iron Sight / Loverman). He puts so much soul into his stuff and it’s never been as relevant as it is in these times. For the rest, I’d say Charli XCX, AJ Simons and when I’m showering I’m listening 90% of the time to Lil Flash.

Which records are you playing most right now?

Since that drop of Scandinavian Swords IIII, the latest compilation by Northern Electronics, that’s all I’m playing really. Fav tracks? Definitely ‘Elephant’ by Vallmo and ‘G Stick RED’ by Varg2tm & BHMF.

What makes your heart go faster these days?

My busy period will be over, Summer is coming up, I’ll be able to see my friends again and spend more time on creating. Really can’t wait.

What are you doing daily at 9 pm/9 am?

At 9 am I’m drinking a cup of coffee with my cat on my lap. At 9 pm I’m probably checking the daily items in Nook’s Cranny on Animal Crossing.

How do you bring some routine into your days?

Due to my internship, I have to wake up early and make a daily video call with my mentor. It saved my sleeping pattern. During the first few months of the lockdown, I dedicated myself to making music from 2 pm till 10 pm like a fulltime job. That taught me a lot as well.

What does your face mask look like?

I’ve got a black one and a white one (as usual). Wish I could wear my custom DJ mask by @mvp.hiv all the time but unfortunately, that one’s not Corona-proof :(.

What’s your utopia?

A place where I own a stock Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R.

What satisfies you?

Playing a role in connecting people through music and art, seeing artists from different disciplines collaborate, creating unity between different scenes.

What’s your favourite lockdown Instagram account?

@third.world.quality@leukeplaatjes97 and @the\_biggest\_mood\_ever

What’s your favourite lockdown book?

Recently I discovered an interesting book by Alex S. Vitale called The End of Policing. I downloaded the e-book but haven’t found time to start reading yet, shame on me…

What’s your favourite lockdown film?

Started watching Trailer Park Boys since the lockdown started. Would 10/10 recommend the movies and series as well as the animated series.

How do you keep healthy?

I eat an avocado or other fruits daily, drink at least 2 litres of water a day and try to stay loyal to my skincare routine. I could use some more exercising though, oh and maybe I should quit my Monster Energy habit…

What’s one of your sources of inspiration that may surprise people?

I’m very inspired by the soundtrack of JRPG’s like Final Fantasy and Persona but that’s maybe not that much of a surprise. When I’m stuck on compositions I frequently go back to Avicii’s early music. Although it’s a different thing, I love the way he deals with progressions, especially when it comes to chords.

What would you like to be doing in 10 years?

I don’t like to set long-term goals but I do hope in 10 years I’ll own lots of different synths & music gear and be a more versatile musician than ever before. I also would love to create opportunities for fellow (starting) artists and help them polish their sound.

How does the current crisis make you feel?

The lockdown made me spend a lot of time alone which had its downsides but also its upsides. Emptiness has hit me sometimes which made me feel very lazy but over time I learned to deal with it more easily. Accepting the occasional emptiness and staying productive or doing research on all types of matters kept me going. I have a very nerdy/geeky side which came in handy while being alone too.

How important are fellow companions now? How do you reach out?

More than ever. I haven’t seen people except for my household and girlfriend. So I’m glad social media exists. Those regular check-up talks with my peers felt heartwarming sometimes. I’ve gotten to learn about lots of new people as well, it’s great.

What is the latest/future project you are working on?

I’ve got a lot of different projects going on right now. The latest thing I’ve done is some sound design for a promotional video for Plusthirtytwo’s belt capsule. There’s also a Eurodance inspired collab with Wrist Boi dropping anytime soon. Next to that, I’m talking to a few labels to release some rough and noisy productions aimed for the dancefloor. And finally, I made some sketches for my debut EP, but that’s still very early stage.

Did you have an exhibition/concert/show on your agenda these days? Which one?

A few actually, I’d be playing in Aalst, in Ghent as well as on my party concepts in Leuven and Hasselt. Never even got the chance to reveal those events. But I like to think that nothing is really cancelled, it’s just postponed so I hope to be able to share more about this ASAP.

What will the second part of 2020 bring you?

Hard to say. I hope to organize some more events but that’s still very uncertain. A second lockdown could happen. In that case, I hope to polish my sound and drop my debut EP by the end of this year.

Who is the person that most influenced you throughout your development in life?

My parents, my peers, the internet and Chief Keef are the biggest influence on me.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned lately?

During the lockdown, I spent a lot of time learning about synth and sound design which is playing a role in how I’m going to further develop my sound.

Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention?

As for multidisciplinary artists, I’d keep an eye on @jente.waerzeggers. When it comes to music I’ve heard some pretty impressive unreleased stuff from @glomamaruby3000 and N9899. If you need graphics I highly recommend checking out @willynango@garonganut and @m.\_.rco (who makes most of my artworks).

Comfort food/speciality dish now?

I got addicted to toast with some yoghurt, avocado and a tiny little bit of salt & pepper on top.

Lockdown hobby?

Playing Final Fantasy X on my Switch and watching tons of synth reviews I can’t afford anytime soon hehe.


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