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In anticipation of their 20th birthday next year, Be-Part, Platform for Contemporary Art, expands their activities to the public space. A Pirate Pavilion is planted in the Park Baron Casier in Waregem, functioning as a place for discussion, encounter, amusement and art. The Pavilion is designed by artist Nico Dockx in collaboration with VOET Architectuur, creating a link to the local context: the structure largely consists of painting canvases, provided by the manufactory Claessens Canvas. Be-Part and Nico Dockx compiled an exciting programme of activations, consisting of art interventions, music, talks, workshops and even a small festival. Again, a connection to the local community is sought by giving multiple organisations from Waregem the chance to animate the Pavilion. We made a selection of some hidden gems from the Pirate Pavilion activations.

Vernissage: Black & Pink – Dan Perjovschi & George Roşu

26.08.2023, 15.00h 

The two Romanian artists Dan Perjovschi and George Roşu kicked off the opening weekend by creating new artworks on the canvas of the Pavilion. With humour and simple drawing materials as their main tools, they offer social criticism on current global affairs inspired by their local surroundings. In Waregem, they create a visual diary consisting of drawing and text determined by the architectural space of the Pavilion. 

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Ultra Eczema presents: I Wanna Be Your Dog – Dennis Tyfus & Nico Dockx

02.09.2023, 18.00h – 22.00h

This unique musical experience only revolves around one song: I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges. To perform the global hit, a wide range of artists, scientists and musicians are invited to regale your ears with some auditory pleasure. For the occasion, Dennis Tyfus’ label Ultra Eczema will release a double LP by A Dog Republic to resume your listening experience with the sounds of hundreds of internationally acclaimed dogs. 

Drawing Architecture with… – Caroline Voet, Hera Van Sande, Wim Goes, Floris De Bruyn & Saar Meganck

09.09.2023, 14.00h – 18.00h

Caroline Voet and her team from VOET Architectuur not only designed the Pavilion, but will also host a drawing session in the space. The five architects start from their practice and their work at the Faculty of Architecture at KU Leuven to give insight into the architectural principles and philosophical stances that guide their design processes. Don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket and sketching materials! 

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Instroom Academy x Pirate Pavilion: People’s Kitchen / Popular Festival – Seppe Nobels & Instroom Academy

16.09.2023, 18.00h – 22.00h

Instroom Academy is a restaurant where you can taste a diverse range of cuisines linked to the cultural background of the personnel. It involves people who had to flee their country to look for a better future. The food they make is packed with memories, as it is often inspired by recipes from their parents and even grandparents. Instroom Academy takes the opportunity to organise a popular festival in the Pavilion, in which respect, warmth and connection are the central themes. And food coming straight from the heart, of course!

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Louwrien Wijers in the Pirate Pavilion

23.09.2023, 14.00h – 18.00h

Louwrien Wijers is a writer and visual artist who regards language as sculpture. In the Pavilion, she will have a conversation with chef and artist Egon Hanfstingl and S.M.A.K. director Philippe Van Cauteren about politics and the state of the global society in relation to art. This topic is inspired by artist Joseph Beuys, who wanted to turn politics into art and even participated in elections. Wijers used to work with Beuys for 18 years. Be sure to stay until after the talk, as Publik Universal Frxnd will perform in relation to Wijers’s work Tomorrow’s Language (2020).

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Finissage – Chris Dercon & Nico Dockx

30.09.2023, 16.30h – 17.30h

Art historian Chris Dercon and artist Nico Dockx met when Dockx was still an art student. 25 years later, Dockx has become an established Belgian artist and Dercon currently works as managing director of the Fondation Cartier, having held positions in several important cultural institutions. In the Pavilion they will have a conversation about archives, a topic that interests them both. The archive is a central concept in Dockx’s artistic practice, which he sees as a carrier of memory, management and data, allowing for different interpretations. Nico Dockx and Bruno Devos will also present Ouragan Opera, a catalogue of the artist’s ‘living archive’.

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