Different Class feat. Kontakt Group x Club Détour

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As you know by now, Different Class is setting up some parties in 2023! Our first one in Antwerp was such a success, so we are thrilled to announce our next evening, this time taking place at PILAR. 

For the occasion, we’re blending the energies of Club Détour and Kontakt Group. We can’t wait to celebrate with you on this non-conventional club night!

Combining electronic music with experimental live shows, from dance beats to music that prompts the audience to listen, mixing a gender and age-inclusive audience of French-speaking and Dutch-speaking people, Club Détour is a party series creating a musical experience that can break the flow of a classic club night. Giving the stage to local artists who can share the line-up with artists from all over the world, the collective acts as a stepping stone for artists here to lift the local scene.

The self-titled ‘sort of Brussels-based label’, studio and radio show host, Kontakt Group, won’t hold you back either. Originally inspired by New wave, the sound of Kontakt Group has evolved and broadened over time. Consistent yet hard to define in terms of genres, Kontakt Group is forever inspired by incorporating all sorts of musical influences. Just as in the organisation of their events, Kontakt Group loves the combination of live acts and DJ sets, curating an exciting dynamic to your night.

༺୨♡︎୧༺ See you there ༺୨♡︎୧༺



✨Oï Les Ox (BE)

✨Diony Lake (BE)

✨Birthmark (UK)

✨Otro (ES)

Club Détour b2b Kontakt Group DJ-sets:

✨Jente Waerzeggers B2B Louis Vogue

✨Moogy Maserati B2B Jonas Mergan

✨Soumaya Phéline B2B Aroh

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Graphic work by @jonasmergan ✩

In partnership with Fritz-Kola & Zwartopwit

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