At the intersection of you and me

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In a world where normal is subjective, Theatre National-Wallonie Brussels once again brings nuanced expression to the stage. A collection of thought-provoking performances surrounding the human condition emerges. Immerse yourself in these sensational worlds, both inner and outer where the self becomes a collective experience at the intersection of you and me. <br/>Here are three artists whose storytelling will be the impetus for a myriad of new perspectives. Catch them on 09.11.2023 and 10.11.2023 at Theatre National-Wallonie Brussels!


09 & 10.11.2023 - Consolate

In the native tongue of Kirundi, Icirori tells one to look inwards towards your suffering, to learn to allow it to coexist within you. As a Burundian woman who was adopted in Belgium, a patchwork of experiences emerge that constitute Consolate's entirety. She brings us under her wing as she traverses through her relationship to her own identity. Traveling back, Consolate creates history from memories. Bodies, smells, lights, sounds and images immerse our senses in a quest of reflection and perception. Like children we are ushered through a collective experience back to the self. 

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Abri ou les casanier·es de l’apocalypse

09 & 10.11.2023 -  Silvio Palomo 

Far removed from a traditionally “normal” context, six characters are shut in an enclosed space - the pretext? The end of the world. What habits will remain? What can still elicit concern? Along with Le comité des fêtes, Silvio Palomo brings to the stage a story woven together from seemingly innocuous dialogues and behaviour, where theatricality comes to light through the mundane. Yet, through the ordinary the eccentric is revealed, divulging to us what the true limits of the human relationship can be. 

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09 & 10.11.2023 - Alexis Julémont

Three children born in the wild and parents who escaped the world, Nostalgica tells a tale of a family in isolation. A landscape is conveyed deliberately void of any references to the natural world they’re acclimated to, this universe is one upheld by mental structures. It’s here where their perpetual vacation unfolds, with the main leisurely pastime being the filming of family films. Fiction and reality blur, as to film is to exist, and to exist is to be in the wild. But, what happens when the children are all grown up?

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