A sensual ride to some dream world

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Patches’ subdued and introspective pop emerges from a desire for the centredness and liberating mental clarity that Lotte Lauwers experiences when she writes. We talked about inner child work, borrowing song lyrics from recipe books and the role that sensuality and physical connection play in her music. Her EP, Silver Foxes, is coming out in October.

Hey Lotte, what is Patches?

Patches is a sensual ride to some dream world. It’s a deeply personal project but also a collaboration between different people and elements. Everything and everyone involved is important. During our last live performance, it was the first time playing with a new band, and everything felt so perfectly aligned – it had just rained, the sun was setting. It made me hungry for more live shows.

What and who inspires you?

Sade. Her music is so timeless – she’s always herself, very sensual in a non-sexual way, calm and smart. Lana Del Rey’s lyrics also really inspire me. I like artists who write poetry, it follows how I write my music.

Non-musically I’m inspired by loads and I like to dip into everything. I love to cook, and actually when you read recipe books the way they describe ingredients and dishes can be so sensual and poetic! [Laughs] Then I steal a word or two and write them in my notebook to use for lyrics.

Recently I saw Sylvie Kreusch perform. The way she took the stage, she was so caught up in her world and every word she sang was like biting into an apple. She’s a powerhouse.

You do yoga. What role does sensuality, physicality and connection to the body play for you?

I very recently started understanding how different sensuality and sexuality are. When I discovered yoga, I became so much more in touch with my body and realised that it’s mine, I love to move it. I was out of touch with it for so long. It’s great to be centred and put that into my music.

So it helps you find your body for yourself as opposed to through other people’s eyes?

Yes – something which is a constant struggle. Yoga is the first type of movement I can do without slipping into the toxic thing of compulsive exercise. 

Music also helps me to reconnect with myself. It’s therapy. When I am writing, I feel centred and I know I exist. A lot of us have brain fog – but I never have it when I’m performing or writing music. I forget myself when I’m performing on stage, it’s so liberating and almost transcendental.

How else do you reconnect with yourself or with others?

I’ve been doing inner child work. Tracing everything back, breaking down your beliefs, each time asking: ‘Why?’ I’ve been writing down everything which prevents it from rising to the surface in unpleasant ways. Also, I forgive people.

Is there anything bigger you are trying to connect with or convey through your music?

I want to present the message to women that you can both be strong and own your feminine energy. But I’m also open about the vibe people get from my music. I like it if people feel different things. Maybe you can dance, or do something romantic, or do something with yourself to my music.

What are you listening to these days?

Smerz. Also, Arab pop; it’s so fun to dance to. It can be almost challenging to listen to because it’s not a sound we’re accustomed to hearing in Western pop, it’s special.

Something that has warmed your heart recently?

My best friend from high school just had a baby. Seeing her with a baby – wow. I’m not a baby person but I was completely in love. 

What is something people should do more?

Touch themselves. Stroke your arms and hug yourself, it can calm your nerves. Show yourself affection.

How do you try and improve yourself as an artist?

I believe to grow you have to challenge yourself. To do this, I listen to new genres and read. Reading broadens your vision enormously so I’m very disciplined about it. Right now, I’m reading The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk.


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