A Rhythmic Utopia In Between

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Every season deSingel opens its doors to experimental artists for an immersive showcase of performances which elude traditional disciplines. Radiant Nights invites the audience to intimately share in creativity through artistically innovative shows. Always surprising, mesmerising and radical, the selected artists invite us into the spaces between, where anything is possible and nothing is certain. These artists highlight the redundancy of binary thinking in today’s creative sphere. Groove celebrates bodies in all of their existences and invites you to shake yours too. With this edition of Radiant Nights, we toast the birth of summer. On June 25th deSingel will transform into a sweaty queer utopia where dancing is endorsed both on and off stage.

Saturday Service  

Co-curated by Kopano Maroga

Radiant Readings is an integral part of Radiant Nights and creates a much-needed space for poetry and spoken word. We can subvert the church, appropriate the rites and worship divinity on our Saturday night out, so why wait for Sunday? No one is left behind as Somalia Williamson, Xana and Kopano Maroga ceremoniously create a community where all are blessed. To do so they draw upon a space which has long excluded many. They preach: FUCK THAT SHIT! I AM BLACK, I AM FEMME, I AM QUEER, I AM DIVINE!

My Gentle Wild Squirts  

Helena Araújo 

Dancer and performance artist Helena Araújo invites us into her wet garden, where she confronts us with gentle vulnerability and emotional exposure. My Gentle Wild Squirts is found somewhere between dance, theatre, poetry and performance. It gushes. In collusion with the audience and the space, Araújo explores the sharing of emotions as a revolutionary act, making space for that is often rejected as too feminine. The intimate show centres around voice and a body activated by pleasure.

g r oo v e  

Soa Ratsifandrihana

G r oo v e is a dance solo exploring a spirit of rhythm somewhere between digital cultures and hybrid disciplines of sound. Music is angled as the reason for dancing. The audience becomes a cocoon. Soa Ratsifandrihana facilitates dialogue between two musicians, Sylvain Darrifourcq and Alban Murenzi; experimental industrial sounds meet instrumental hip-hop. Ratsifandrihana’s body glitches. Diverse movements serve the audience at an aesthetic crossroads, from gestures nostalgic of family gatherings to robotic plastic, superman, Botticelli… The performance is polished with rhythmic light by Marie-Christine Soma and a costume by Coco Petitpierre.


Radiant Nights #4 presents the concert debut of performance artist Jan Wallyn and their band. They step into the future where queerness rules and they dance together into the peripheries of the body. Refusing to be reduced to man or woman, Wallyn’s music also refuses to be reduced to any genre. Sounds influenced by electro-house and pop accompany dancers Fien Lanckriet and Isaro Mutabazi. Their movements (choreographed by Betty Mansion and Malik Zaryaty) invite the audience to groove in their queer wonderland where all feelings of loneliness are left at the entrance.

DJ Serge

Radiant Nights invites you to take the groove bestowed upon you by the performers and shake it out on the Expoplein. The musical ecstasy, community and celebration forged throughout the evening will be sent straight out onto the dance floor.

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