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The perks of our devoted membership at a reduced price!  

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Dear students,

Ok, real talk, Different Class is a smart financial decision.

For a fixed fee, you get free spots for at least 20 events each month all across Belgium. What’s even better, is that our student membership prices start at 5.95/month. That means fresh things to do every week at no extra cost: parties, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, performances. You get our discounts at cool shops and festivals on top…

Most of you will be new to your city, school and group of future friends. So, let’s make it as easy as possible for you. Do you want to discover local musicians, artists and party organisers? In our magazine and website, you’ll find new profiles to check out and other members of our community (and their Instagram!). You’ll even have opportunities to show your work (or face) if you want to. Meet new people, get your work out there, and always be in the know!

Art and culture should be accessible to all. It should be right at your fingertips, a place of joy, inspiration and new encounters. No gatekeeping, no pretension, no hassle. Just a curated agenda and a magazine that makes all the work for you.

Different Class comes with a good story. For over a decade, we've covered countless performances, exhibitions, concerts, parties and around 100 magazines. From our first DIY shows at DOK, a temporary art and music centre in Ghent, to our own annual festival at Ancienne Belgique and our collaboration with bigger institutions like Bozar, Botanique or S.M.A.K., we aren’t afraid to bend the rules. It’s simple, we’re here to redefine what culture means and to support emerging creatives. So you can be sure we’re always working to find the best events and profiles. Whatever it is, we are looking for what will make your heart beat faster.

We are proud of all the artists, venues, and collectives we’ve helped discover. And all the writers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers we’ve worked with throughout the years. Just have a look at our editorials, and you’ll see how rich it all is. Who knows, you could become one of them?

Being a DC member means being part of an ever-growing community, one that dares to be a little different. And we hope to see you in our ranks very soon!

Kasper-Jan, Herlinde, Mya, Astrid & the rest of the team :)

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Our membership plans for students

devoted monthly
The dedicated package for 1 month
Access to all events
Discounts in our shop and in other stores
Our magazine every 2 months
Only for students
devoted yearly
The full experience for 1 year
total of 71.4 billed once a year
Access to all events
Discounts in our shop and in other stores
Our magazine every 2 months
A Different Class totebag
Only for students
All prices are in Euro (€), tax included — renews automatically, cancel anytime.
Prices are only valid for students who have be registered as a student in an official Belgian school institution

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