Event collaboration institution

You are an institutional promoter and want to collaborate with Different Class for your upcoming event. Here's what we can offer. 🫶

general info

💃🏽🕺🏿We offer promotion for your event in return for free entrance to your event for our members. 

📆 A collaboration should be made at least 4 weeks before the event to offer you the amount of promotion as promised. Do you want your event to be featured in our magazine? Check the deadlines mentioned below and reach out as soon as possible! 

what we offer
  • 📕Magazine Agenda: we preview your event in the agenda of our bimonthly magazine. Check the deadlines for the magazine below!
  • 🧑🏾‍💻Website: we place your event in the online agenda on our website.
  • 🗓️Facebook: we add your Facebook event to our Facebook page.
  • 📷Instagram: we post your event in the weekly overview on Instagram stories/feed and mention it in the new event stories once it's published on our website.
  • 📱Newsletters: we highlight your event in the overviews of the agenda newsletters.
your return

🎈👯‍♀️🎉 In return, we ask for:

  1. free access to your event for our members
  2. you mention us as a partner in your FB event and any other communication (stating: free for Diferent Class members + link to our website)

How do we calculate the amount of tickets for Different Class members:

  • We convert the value of the offered promo (650 euros) into free tickets.
  • We always take a maximum of 15% of the total capacity of the venue into account. 
  • For parties, we work with our free-for-members system for the first 2 hours of your party. Like this, we make sure people come early and also buy a fair amount of drinks when inside. For ex. when your party starts at 22.00, members can enter for free up until midnight.

Example 1

A party with a ticket price of 18 euros and a capacity of 500 people =>  650 / 18 = 36 spots for DC members

Example 2

A movie screening with a ticket price of 6 euros and a capacity of 100 people => 650 / 6 = 104 but since the capacity is only 100 we limit the tickets to 15% of the capacity = 15 spots for DC members

the value of working with Different Class
  • 👀 DC is an extra channel to promote your event
  • 🎫 DC offers an extra opportunity to attract potential ticket buyers because 99% of our audience is not a member
  • 👯‍♂️ Through DC you make a connection with a creative community 
  • 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏿‍♂️ DC's audience is young, ambitious and eager to discover new things
  • 🤓 Your event appears in a qualitative and curated agenda

In total, we reach over 175.000 people in Belgium every month through our offline and online channels. Read more about our audience and reach.

  • 📲 Members can make a reservation for every event up until they’re at the front door. 
  • 💻 Partners will have access to an online list where they can monitor these. At the entrance, members need to show their ID. If you see their name on the list and this matches with the ID, you can give them free access. 
  • 📧 You'll get an email with all the practical info about the reservation system once the event is published on the website.
magazine deadlines
  • Magazine MAY/JUNE 2024 > deadline content = 19.03.2024
  • Magazine SEPT/OCT 2024 > deadline content = 22.07.2024
  • Magazine NOV/DEC 2024 > deadline content = 23.09.2024